Thursday, September 18, 2008

Topshop flop...

My first encounter with Topshop was a few summers ago during my very first trip to jolly 'ol England. Expecting to walk out of the 3 level mega-store with more bags of clothes than my body weight, and major weight-loss ( money spent in english terms ($$ - pounds)), I came out with only a pair of shoes and jeans. A little disappointed, but eager to go back. The selection was overwhelming and almost made me dizzy. My sister and I actually spent a good 4 hours there, even taking a lunch break in their convieniently located Cafeteria right next to the Vintage Section. When I heard the news of Topshop coming to the streets of New York this fall, I got very, very excited. I figured maybe in New York, I wouldn't have to struggle with the pound/dollar exchange rate. Fall is on its way, and so is the opening of the SoHo Topshop.... or so I thought...I found this article in WWD...

Topshop is now going to love New York in the springtime.

The British fast-fashion retailer, which originally planned to open a 40,000-square-foot flagship in SoHo this fall, has postponed its entrance into the U.S. market until March because of construction delays at the store, located at 478 Broadway.

“This has been a logistical nightmare,” Sir Philip Green, Topshop’s owner, said bluntly. “America is a new territory for us and we have to get it exactly right. This store can’t be a nine out of 10 when it opens; it has to be a 10 out of 10. So we’re delaying the opening until around mid-March.

Uh oh. Look's like I'll just have to wait until spring...or take another trip to London!

until then, theres always the online store!

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