Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lauren Who?

So, I'll admit it. I've watched The Hills. The "drama", the blank stares, the bitchy glares and the flesh colored beards (Spencer). Personally I find the show to be hilarious. Partly because its supposed to be a reality show when clearly its scripted in some way or another. The dialogue consists of only a few words while the rest of the episode is filled in with edited shots capturing the girls' empty eyes staring back at each other suggesting some sort of non-verbal response. To be honest, I'd much rather have seen a Laguna Beach spin-off starring the drama queen herself, Kristin Cavallari. She surprisingly had a personality and a reaction that actually involved words. 

Today was a day I never thought would happen in my life. Not that I ever thought about it. But thinking about it now, I never thought it would happen. Ever. I met Lauren Conrad. lol.

She was nice. Thats all I really remember after meeting and "talking" to her. Even though she's a major A-lister in the world of MTV "reality" television, my encounter with the Conrad herself doesn't compare with the magical day I met The Lagerfeld. Yes, The Karl Lagerfeld.

I was too scared to be in the picture with him. By the way, thats Brad Kroenig, Lagerfeld's rumored model boy toy and Stephen Gan, the co-founder of Visionaire Magazine.

Here's Kroenig and Lagerfeld...who I think look lovely together!

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