Thursday, November 6, 2008

mushrooms and makeup

So this morning i was flipping through the latest issue of Time Out New York and I came across a little gem. A gem named Mark Borthwick. The article describes Mark's early years as "teenage afternoons doing makeup, picking psychedelic mushrooms in the forest and cooking them into treats for friends". But don't be fooled by the typical drug-induced-teenage-artist-adolescence...Mark's no starving artist......he's married to Maria Cornejo! Her resort 2009 collection gives me the same feeling i get when I see her hubby's photos. Just by looking at her website, you can totally see how his artist's eye rubbed off on her. Together they collaborated on projects in and out of the fashion industry. He's also friends with my new found love, Hisham Bharoocha. I cannot wait for his book Not In Fashion that follows his career and features more than 200 of his magical photographs and personal journal entries......I'll add that one to my wish-list.

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