Friday, September 12, 2008

VPL is no longer a fashion mishap.


I think this may be the most common fashion mistake most girls make. All girls except one. Victoria Bartlett. She started her clothing line in 2003 and decided to call it Visible Panty Line, or VPL for short. Her designs were all inspired by undergarments and the idea of bringing the underwear out from underneath. She started out doing mostly sportswear inspired lingerie... like this from her spring 2005 collection

I've always liked Bartlett's designs because they're so different from what the other designers are doing. Her collections are always a breath of fresh air. And not to mention her sense of humor. She took the ultimate fashion mistake and turned it into a fashion masterpiece...and her new spring 2009 ready to wear is the perfect example...

just kidding. here's the real deallll...

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