Tuesday, September 9, 2008

for the love of marc jacobs...

marc-jacobs: pronunciation: \mark - jay-kuhbs\; style inventor, fashion designer, chelsea gay boy. 

Whatever you want to call him, there is only one Marc Jacobs. I used to be pretty obsessed with his clothes, always going straight to his section in neiman marcus whenever I came home for my monthly garden state plaza mall fix. Recently however, my love for his designs and his quirky-ness in general has kind of...vanished. Thankfully, the french film director Loic Prigent teamed up with Marc and Louis Vuitton and created a documentary that brought the old Marc Jacobs back. Even though he no longer sported the big glasses, greasy long hair and oversized clothes, his hilariously genius character was once again alive. As he once said, "Happy, happy fashion - there's not much more to it than that".

This morning was a sad morning. I turned on my computer, clicked on safari and up popped my homepage of style.com. Big white bold letters jumped out at me and said "altered states - marc jacobs' joyful american mash up". In other words, Marc Jacobs' new Spring '09 show was up for 
viewing. Lets just say that I think I need to watch the documentary on him once more because I'm back where I started. Chubby Marc, please come back.

Bad Bad Bad...

Possibly the only good thing about the show: Jessica Stam

We miss you chubby marc...

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